Woman wearing a fictional future version of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro Knocking Socks Left & Right

Much has been written in a week about Apple Vision Pro. I’m not going to be repetitive discussing the features and experience since others have done so already, first-hand and quite well.

What I’ll say is that this is the first Apple product since the iPhone that gave me the sense of wonder and interest in future developments of the Steve Jobs era.

The UI and immersive modes are quite impressive. Some say that it’s a glorified “projected” iOS, just bigger. That it is not a fully virtual world, that it’s made to be operated while sitting. That’s too expensive.

I think they are missing the point. This device has the capability to be both a productivity tool like no other AND an entertainment system in full VR for gaming and more.

I’ve heard it’s heavy on the head, though. It does look like a scuba mask with thick glass to boot. I’m sure the engineers at Apple faced a serious challenge to fit all that hardware in the space of a scuba mask. I wonder whether it’d be possible to shift some of the processing tasks away from the glasses — so they become lighter — and onto your iPhone, which is a mighty computing machine in its own right.

I’m quite sure Apple thought about it and discarded the idea for a good reason, but maybe in the future something like that could be accomplished so that the glasses might become the size of large bifocals at most. This would unleash a wave of innovative storytelling, entertainment, and productivity experiences like never before.