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Elephant representing Mastodon and its new connectivity to WordPress
WordPress & Fediverse Integration: A Leap Towards Decentralized Networking
Automattic, the owner of WordPress.com, has launched ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress, marking a significant step towards integrating with decentralized...
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Graphic designer at his desk
The Rise & Fall of Graphic Design
Origin Story (Abridged) Graphic design has existed in one form or another since, probably, the cavemen decided to communicate their feats in those wall-painted...
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Woman wearing a fictional future version of Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro Knocking Socks Left & Right
Much has been written in a week about Apple Vision Pro. I’m not going to be repetitive discussing the features and experience since others have done so...
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Robot designing metaverse with colorful primitive volumes
Is AI Useful for Design Tasks?
AI algorithms are creating logos, color schemes, website layouts, and more. AI is being heralded by some as the ultimate design tool, with its ability...
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AI robot in a mess of cables
Is It Really? (AI Eating the Software World, that Is)
Our previous post was perhaps a bit too earnest, in retrospect. At Digit, we’ve been heavy students and users of a wide range of AI tools for months but,...
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Ai programming another computer
AI Is Eating the Software World
Sorry for paraphrasing Marc Andreesen’s famous dictum but, somehow, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Based on the title of this post, I’m sure you can...
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Piles of money burning
When It Comes to Subscription-Based Software, Many of Us Seem to Have Had Enough
I really loved reading “Against Innovation” by Damon Krukowski. I was tickled as I went at it, feeling good by not being alone, which would be fair if...
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Microservices and agile methodologies
Are Serverless Architectures & Agile Methodologies Losing Their Shine?
We’ve been aware for some time now of a growing sentiment of dissatisfaction with the popular microservices and serverless architectures, coinciding with...
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Human being in an AI city
The Value of Human-Made Goods in an Age of AI
I fear that in a couple of years, this will be the type of blog post I’ll be writing: I’ve seen it all, man. I’ve seen the rise of AI, and I’ve seen the...
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Fashion model wearing an incredible dress
Trust, Fashion & Architecture in the Artificial Intelligence Era
Digit is a web design and development company (and a creative agency besides for many of our clients, but I digress). So, you’d expect our blog to contain...
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Roboto beaming creative ideas to you
The Future of Creativity: Harnessing AI to Boost Design Innovation
Here’s some ideas/predictions of how the role of a designer will be enhanced and expanded by artificial intelligence: Automation of Repetitive Tasks Designers...
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Robot designing
How AI Is Revolutionizing Web Design: 5 Startling Developments
Whaddayaknow? AI is sort of transforming the way designers approach the creation of websites, hopefully improving our output and making our work easier...
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