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  • Front-End
  • Back-End

Client – Lucido




Lucido is a fintech startup focused on commodity trading consulting services and applications. It provides consulting services and platform tools for energy trade and risk management systems and capital markets derivatives trading platforms. Clients include energy trading companies, central banks, financial institutions, and utilities.




Brand Identity

We developed Lucido’s brand identity design including logo, style guide and branded templates. We also designed and developed a new website for the firm.


Brand System

As part of the rebranding, we provided a framework and methodology to define and articulate Lucido’s brand personality, to further support the company’s new brand strategy. We also designed a comprehensive new set of multichannel branded assets, specified in a style guide, designed the user experience and interface for the new Lucido website, and developed it as a scalable, responsive, and easy-to-update experience.

01 Values, mission, position, stiry, reputation

02 A brand must tap into socio-economic and industry trends to be effective

03 Reach emotions: know what makes your audience tick, communicate the unique atttributes of your brand



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