Well-Established Online Trade Publication

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Concept for – Well-Established Online Trade Publication

Trade Publication Case



Digit was approached by a well-established trade publication to help optimize their content feed while increasing their ability to filter and categorize it. The technologies involved included WordPress, a set of RSS feeds, two cloud hosts, and a “patch” script for content filtering and tagging.


The challenge: the publication was taking in too much irrelevant content from the feed and the process to tag and publish much of it was manual and labor-intensive. Furthermore, over time workarounds had to be developed resulting in an overly complex architecture with multiple web and cloud hosts.


Digit’s proposed solution: to write a custom WordPress plugin that integrates the feeds and enables both easy manual (when desired) and automatic content filtering, tagging (including canonical), and publishing. This eliminated the need for the existing “patch” script running on cloud hosts, saving cost and streamlining the overall system architecture.


Trade Publication