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Robot designing metaverse with colorful primitive volumes
Is AI Useful for Design Tasks?
AI algorithms are creating logos, color schemes, website layouts, and more. AI is being heralded by some as the ultimate design tool, with its ability...
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Large monolith surrounded by small connected monoliths (microservices)
Back to the Monolith?
Yes, we know, microservices-serverless-edge computing are the thing and have been for a while…These ideas have been dominating the software engineering...
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Car split down the middle
Maximizing Conversions with A/B Testing
Website design and development is ultimately about attracting and retaining visitors and driving conversions. But with so many different design elements...
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Robots building a website
Building a Mobile App for Your Organization: What to Consider
Are you thinking about building a mobile app? Watch out! There are a number of factors to consider to ensure its success: Purpose: It’s important to have...
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