Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development

Welcome to Digit's Salmerón & Co.'s website.

The little agency that you know and love has grown up — hence, our new paint job.

I recently joined forces with former colleague and friend Aaron Murphy to launch what we describe as a lean, focused, and smart digital agency called Digit.

We are focused on providing UX/UI design services and full-stack development for websites and web applications to clients both large and small.

How does that affect you as a Salmerón & Co. client, you might ask? You’ll just get invoices from Digit instead…and that’s about it. We will continue to support Salmerón & Co.’s legacy clients even with services that might technically not fall within Digit’s practice (brand identity development, marketing collateral design, content development, etc.).

If you need us, we’ll be there.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll want to learn what Digit has to offer, so come on over!

José Salmerón.