Elephant representing Mastodon and its new connectivity to WordPress

WordPress & Fediverse Integration: A Leap Towards Decentralized Networking

Automattic, the owner of WordPress.com, has launched ActivityPub 1.0.0 for WordPress, marking a significant step towards integrating with decentralized social networks like Mastodon. This move allows seamless interaction between WordPress blogs and users across various federated platforms.

Automattic has enhanced the original ActivityPub plug-in by introducing user-friendly features like blog-wide catchall accounts and “follow me” blocks. These updates, along with bug fixes and improved compatibility, have led to a surge in installations, from 35,000 to 42,831.

While currently focusing on self-hosted WordPress blogs, support for WordPress.com blogs is on the horizon, hinting at broader interconnectedness within the digital community.

Automattic’s CEO, Matt Mullenweg, is actively exploring the potentials of the fediverse, reflecting a wider industry trend with publishers like Medium and Flipboard also embracing decentralized platforms.

In essence, the integration of WordPress with ActivityPub is paving the way for a more interconnected and united digital community, promising enhanced connectivity and audience engagement.

Source: TechCrunch